Report a Counterfeit Issue

If you would like to inform AACS about a suspected counterfeit issue, please complete the form below, attaching any pictures or zip files. Then click the "send" button. Should you prefer not to identify yourself, this form can be completed anonymously, although this may make it more difficult for AACS to assess the information you have provided.

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High-definition, close-up photographs are best - of the whole bottle, the cap, and the front and back labels. If you have photographed any numbers that are visible on the bottle or labels, please also include them in your message. You can upload up to 5 files and the file size must be smaller than 20M.


AACS is grateful for any information about suspected counterfeiting of its members' branded spirits. AACS will read all the reports it receives and act appropriately. This may include passing the information to the relevant law enforcement agency where required by law to do so or where in AACS's judgement this is the best course of action. For practical reasons, AACS may not be able to respond directly to or enter into correspondence with everyone submitting a report. AACS reserves the right not to respond and not to provide information that in AACS's judgement would be detrimental to its purpose and aims, for example information that may be of advantage to the counterfeiters, including trade secrets, know-how or other commercially sensitive information relating to AACS and its members.